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What would happen to your body in space? Here are 7 Fun facts (well not so fun):


What would happen to your body in space? Here are 7 Fun facts (well not so fun):




Why are astronauts always wearing those bulky suits? You don’t NEED them, do you? Here’s what would really happen to an exposed human in the void of space.

The human body, while perfectly suited to conditions on Earth, wouldn’t fare quite so well when exposed to the conditions in outer space. To protect the body, spacewalkers wear spacesuits. These can maintain comfort for the astronaut in varying extreme temperatures, from around minus 150 degrees to plus 120 degrees Celsius. Moreover, they supply oxygen to breathe, water to drink and protection from the impact of tiny particles, bright light, and radiation.

So how long could we last in space without these vital outfits? If for some reason you were to find yourself floating unprotected in space, the experience would be a brief one. You would remain conscious only for a matter of seconds before passing out and dying a few minutes later from oxygen deprivation.

Without air to breathe in the void of space, our instincts might tell us to hold our breath in this situation – but this would be a mistake. The low pressure created in the vacuum would cause any oxygen held to drastically expand, rupturing internal organs.

While spacesuits are lifesaving, travelling into space can still have a huge impact on the body, even with this protection. Those enclosed in space stations are subjected to ten times the radiation experienced naturally on Earth. Astronauts who venture into orbit understand the strains they put their body under. Their specific regimes help to keep this impact on their body to a minimum, exercising daily to keep muscles strong and bone deterioration at bay.

Instant vaporizing

Any liquid exposed on the body will instantly begin to vaporize. Wet surfaces such as the tongue and eyes will start to boil.

15 seconds- Loss of consciousness

You could endure only 15 seconds of outer-space conditions before losing consciousness. This is due to oxygen in the blood rapidly diminishing.

90 seconds- Death by asphyxiation

Around 90 seconds into space exposure, you would die. All oxygen is used up and the body can no longer be sustained.

12 hours- Hot or cold

In some areas of space, extreme temperatures plummet far below zero, while near the Sun temperatures soar. Between 12 and 26 hours the entire body would either be frozen or burnt to a crisp.

Beginning to bubble

19,202 meters or higher above Earth in outer space, extremely low atmospheric pressure causes body fluids to bubble within the tissues.

Extreme expanding

Human flesh would expand to twice its size in a ballooning effect, but your elastic skin will still hold you together.

Changing color

As oxygen leaves the blood, skin color is altered. The body would adopt a pale-blue tinge. After one-minute circulation would stop altogether.

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A match made in Heaven? Astrological Charts Explain Why Katy and Orlando Will Be Great Parents



Relationships are all about building trust, but for Hollywood icon Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, it was an instantaneous sense of trust that brought the pair together. According to intuitive astrologer Rachel Lang, their connection was destined!

“Orlando’s Scorpio Moon is in conjunction with Katy’s Sun,” explains Lang.

“The Moon in astrology represents our emotions, family, and home. This is arguably one of the most significant points of compatibility we see in astrology because it suggests that they feel at home with one another, can easily relate with one another, and share a deep heart-centered connection.”

According to their birth charts, it’s likely Katy possesses the qualities Orlando loves most in his family members, allowing him to immediately open up to her.

If that wasn’t quite enough, turns out Katy’s moon is also in Scorpio. “The way the duo respond to emotions is remarkably similar, and that way is deep,” says Lang. “They aren’t likely to skim the surface. Someone with a Scorpio Moon feels the whole spectrum of emotions, even if they have a difficult time showing their vulnerabilities or letting anyone see their emotions.” This connection is the reason Katy and Orlando just get each other.

But that’s not the only astrological factor that’s kept these two together—and kept them returning to each other after their breakups. The planets rule numerous aspects of this relationship. Ahead, exactly how astrology has determined the passion Katy and Orlando feel for each other, how they communicate, and even the challenges they face.

The Romance Never Stops With Mars, Jupiter, and Venus

“Both Katy and Orlando have Mars, the planet of passion and sexuality, conjunct in Capricorn. This is strong indicator of sexual chemistry and compatibility,” Lang explains. Orlando and Katy keep each other revitalized and stimulated. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt that Katy’s Mars and Jupiter form a favorable sextile aspect with Orlando’s Venus either, because that brings physical attraction into the mix. O-la-la!

And because Katy’s Jupiter is located near Orlando’s Mars, the couple gets that added layer of excitement tacked onto their passion.

Going beyond the physical fondness of the pair, these planets also factor into family life. “Because Orlando’s Mars favorably aspects Katy’s Moon, and because there’s so much influence of the Moon, parenthood and family life will be a major focus for these two,” Lang says, which is especially true now since the two have just welcomed their beautiful little daughter, Daisy.

Mercury dictates how well Orlando and Katy communicate.

“Communication is strongly represented for these two as well, and they’re likely to brainstorm ideas or have dynamic conversations about a variety of subjects,” says Lang. “There’s a creative spark present with Orlando’s Uranus in Scorpio in conjunction with Katy’s Mercury, and Katy’s Jupiter in Capricorn in conjunction with Orlando’s Mercury. They never lack conversation topics.”

The one sticky spot is determined by Orlando’s straightforwardness. It can make him seem inconsiderate at times when he doesn’t mean to be. This usually has to do with the that he’s an Aquarius rising. It simply means he needs space and freedom to be really happy which might come off as standoffish.

Kate and Orlando can thank Saturn for their challenges and how they overcome them.

Sure, Saturn is how astrologers like Lang scopes out the challenges in relationships, but it’s also the “glue that sticks couples together,” she explains.

Because Orlando’s Saturn interacts with Katy’s career house cusp, it affects her ascendant, her Mercury, and her Moon. In simple terms: They work well together. But “at the same time, Katy might feel that Orlando wants to be in charge,” Lang says.

“It’s important for him not to be too fixed in his opinion or too stubborn when making joint decisions.”

As for Katy, now that she and Orlando have added one more valuable addition to their family, she might feel like she can’t focus as much on her career, but it’s all about life-balance, says Lang, “so she doesn’t feel limited or held back.”

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